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Which screen fits in my garden?
You have chosen a location in the garden, but are still faced with the choice of which Material and which style best fit? Let yourself be inspired by our versatile design ideas and discover privacy ideas made of wood, metal, plastic, stone or with plants. With our golden rules, we also give you tips on what you should consider when choosing. Choose shape and Material according to your taste, pay attention to neighboring plots and the style of your own house.

More privacy in the garden
Almost every garden needs an opaque screen. Hedges, fences and walls to keep strangers away from and divide the garden into different areas. When a garden conveys security, you feel comfortable there. Especially on the seat, backing is required, which not only protects from glances, but also from Wind. But just because visual protection is necessary, it does not have to be a compulsory exercise in terms of design: with good planning, fences and visual protection walls look so decorative that the form is in no way inferior to the function.

Privacy made of wood
The easiest and most affordable way to protect wood from unwanted insights. Finished fence elements can be combined to individual solutions, require little space and are opaque from the beginning. So that you do not have to invest much time in care, you should resort to durable woods such as larch or Douglas fir. They do not need to be treated and over time take on a silver-grey Patina. Since massive wooden walls often seem cramped, it is recommended to use elegant models with viewing windows or to plan narrow planted gaps between individual sections.

Screen made of stone
Stone protective elements are extremely durable. Gabions, inexpensive wire baskets filled with natural stone, are an Alternative or supplement to elaborate walls or granite steles. Who has enough space, can fall back on about 50 centimeters wide gabions. Unlike narrower baskets, these are usually set up without supports. Get advice on substructure and statics. Because of the high weight of the stones you should in any case be supported by a specialist company.

Protection: view of the plant
A visual protection from plants conveys natural security and does little work with skilful selection of species. In addition to the classic hedge plants, bamboo is becoming increasingly popular as a Privacy Shield. It grows already after one season to all-year opaque plantings. If you choose the varieties of the horsey-growing umbrella bamboo (Fargesia), the plants do not spread over foothills. If you want a narrower green wall with a classic hedge look, you can plant preferred elements from Ivy. Such finished hedges have their price, but offer immediate protection. If you have at least three years of patience, you can also simply pull Ivy on a simple chain link fence yourself. Its advantage over deciduous Hedges is that it needs to be cut into shape less often. As a rule, it is enough to rearrange it here and there once a year.

Plenty of space is required if free-growing flowering shrubs are to provide a colourful visual barrier. Adult specimens of lilacs, viburnum and forsythia occupy a width of three meters and more. Blood currant (Ribes sanguineum), whistle shrub and garden-marshmallow stay much more compact, but only after several years, the necessary height.

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