A view in the garden gives you privacy, protection from the prying eyes of the neighbors, and a quiet retreat to Relax in. They also score as wind and noise protection for your garden. In addition, you can visually separate different areas in your garden with privacy elements. When choosing the right screen, you have a diverse selection of different materials, formats and styles. We show you the most beautiful point of view, protective elements made of wood, plastic, plants, metal and stone, and give you Golden rules that you can bear in mind when choosing.

View of the surroundings: before you decide on a privacy in your garden, we advise you to take a look at the neighboring plots. Especially if you want to install a Privacy Shield in close proximity to your neighbors, you should pay attention to an appropriate size and appearance. This means in plain language: no neighbor is happy about a meter-high gray concrete wall. Of course, you are free to design your own garden, but it is still worthwhile to include the adjacent plots in the choice. This creates a harmonious overall picture at the end.

Choose the right location: it is best to decide in advance where you want to put a privacy screen in the garden and take measurements so that you can make the right choice when buying from the DIY store or garden centre later. For example, you can think about whether you would rather install a larger or several smaller screens made of wood, plastic or plants. If you simply want some privacy for your terrace or sun lounger, then a mobile screen is also recommended, which you can easily move when the sun is changing.

Choosing the right material: once you have determined the appropriate location, you should consider which requirements the Material should meet. The direction of the sky as well as Wind and weather conditions play a role here. With permanently installed protective elements, you should also keep the changing seasons in mind. So choose a Material that is also winter and rain resistant.

Shape, color and Design: choose from different formats, colors, and Designs is very large. For different styles and tastes you will surely find a suitable screen element. For a harmonious overall picture, it is best to choose a style that is in harmony with your home. For minimalist houses, rather simple privacy elements made of modern materials are suitable.

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