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Visual protection green
Privacy screens become an attractive part of the garden when they serve as a climbing aid for climbing plants. One – year-old Sky storms such as magnificent winds and Bell Vine are quick solutions for a season-especially if you prefer them on the windowsill already in February and send them into the race in April with a head start. Also, some perennial climbers make the first year attractive flowering walls, for example, the anemone clematis (Clematis montana), as well as strong-growing Clematis hybrids such as ‘Perle d’azur’ and ‘Huldine’. A flexible solution are scroll boxes on rollers, which you can place on the terrace as required. Annual climbers are recommended for greening here, as the roots of perennial plants in the voluminous boxes can be poorly protected against winter frosts. You need more patience with pruning hedges if you want to protect the garden from prying eyes. These are usually planted in small format for cost reasons and then take four or five years to form an opaque green wall. Relatively quickly, Privet, hornbeam, false cypress and arborvitae grow significantly slower yew, and high book-varieties such as ‘Rotundifolia’.

The royal route is the combination of different privacy options – this seems less strict than entire fronts from a plant or a fence type. Tip: If you plant small young shrubs for a new cut or flower hedge, a reed fence running parallel behind it is a good transitional solution. This can be removed quickly as soon as the hedge is large enough.

Privacy, with a view
Sometimes a screen should not be completely sealed, because passages are necessary and views make the design more exciting. Passages are absolutely necessary to use the garden. The Transition from one garden area to another, you can emphasize, for example, with a rose arch. Also interesting are passages in hedges, which are cut into the green wall like Gates. In walls, passages can be planned, which can simply be left open or even closed with a door. Small windows in walls, hedges and fences allow views into other parts of the garden, to the neighbour, to the street or out into the countryside. There is a suitable window Alternative for every garden style: Mediterranean country house ambience spreads, for example, wall windows with round arches, which you can lovingly decorate. Modern peephole variants can be realized with concrete walls. Of small, narrow view slits to circular holes countless window shapes are possible.

Legal information about privacy
If no development plan or a statute forbids it, a visual protection is generally permitted. A neighbor, on the other hand, can usually do nothing if the visual protection remains in the so-called “”local framework””. For example, straw mats could be installed behind an existing wooden fence to make the fence opaque. However, the design of the property boundaries must match the residential area or street layout. Formed in an urban area, no local enclosure he get out, can’t ask the neighbor that an unsightly fence removed or not built, if there is no other legal regulation. No general rule determines how high privacy screens may be or whether they may be placed directly on the border, as the building law is regulated differently in each federal state. For safety, you should first ask the municipality whether a development plan excludes certain materials.

Because it is rather small, a pavilion can usually be built according to the respective building regulations without a building permit. However, this does not mean that it may be placed anywhere: in addition to neighbouring concerns, the provisions of the Building Code must also be taken into account in principle. As a rule, a minimum distance of three meters from the property of the neighbor applies. For most plots, building lines or building boundaries are defined. Outside these limits, you may not set up a garden shed, gazebo or tool shed – unless you apply for a permit. Therefore, inquire with your municipality about the local building regulations and a site plan, from which the building limits apply to you.

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