Cloak Pin “Secret Garden”

Cloak Pin “Secret Garden”

What design ideas are there for a wooden screen?
Thanks to its natural look, a wooden privacy screen exudes a cosy atmosphere and scores with its diversity in colour and grain. Suitable for the design of your home and garden, you can choose the screen in different types of wood or simply adjust the color with a glaze. For a permanently beautiful look, however, the increased care requirement of wooden privacy screens is to be considered.

Installation – secure installation: have you found the right screen and now only need to install it in the garden? Here you should pay attention to the appropriate fastening material, so that your privacy can also be installed professionally and safely. Often the corresponding devices such as posts, angles and screws are also automatically included in the Set. Otherwise, we recommend that you simply seek advice directly from a specialist when making a purchase.

Care for longevity: so that you have something of your privacy in the garden for longer, you should pay attention to the appropriate care. The effort varies, of course, according to the material used – especially in the case of wood vision protection, you can extend the service life with special glazes or lacquers and effectively protect against weather influences.

Material mix: privacy in the garden does not have to be boring, with a Mix of different materials, such as stone and wood, you can easily create exciting contrasts. Plants in conjunction with stones can also be a real eye-catcher in the garden.

What options are there for a plastic screen?
Vision protection is made of plastic such as PVC scores in comparison to wood due to its UV – and weather resistance. They are also cheaper than wood and easier to maintain. In almost any colour and shape, you can install a suitable plastic element in the garden, creating a protected area for your privacy.

Which plants can best be used as natural visual protection?
The classic hedge is a popular privacy option for the garden. It is easy to install, inexpensive and has a long service life. The only drawback: until a really opaque screen has emerged from the hedge, some time may pass. Therefore, the choice of a fast-growing hedge plant is always recommended. Deciduous varieties include hornbeam (Carpinus), red Beech (Fagus) and field maple (Acer campestre).
An evergreen hedge you get with tree of life (Thuja) or Liguster (Ligustrum). It should be noted, however, that with fast-growing hedges they also have a higher cutting effort.
Bamboo offers with its strong green stalks the perfect privacy in the garden. The variety Fargesia Jumbo is particularly suitable with its dense growth. In addition, this variety grows up to 3 meters high in a semi-shaded location in a humid location.
Even with climbing plants, an airy privacy can be created, which is ideal to delimit smaller areas within the garden. To do this, you only need a trellis made of wood or metal, to which the plants can cling. For example, the colourful trumpet flower (Campsis) provides extravagance. It prefers a sheltered and warm location on the South side of the garden.
Even with pot plantings can create privacy in the garden. For a modern architecture, we recommend, for example, a bucket planting with the juicy green giant Horsetail, which convinces with simple minimalist shapes.

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