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Metal is suitable as a screen for the garden?
Depending on the design – raw, galvanized or stainless steel – privacy screens made of metal look either playful or stylish-modern. The Material is therefore suitable for every garden style.

If you have a wild and romantic garden, we recommend wrought iron privacy elements that create an antique Flair with detailed decorations.
For architectonic-minimalist Gardens, on the other hand, simple and linear privacy elements made of shiny stainless steel fit.
Do you want to create a small retreat in the middle of your garden? Realize a small arbor or a pavilion made of metal, which is also ideal to let them overgrown with climbing plants. The plants have formed a dense screen, you will have a protected and quiet place to Relax.
A slightly more unusual variant is available with privacy screens made of Corten steel. Due to the special alloy, the surface forms a beautiful rust layer after a short time in the garden, which radiates a warm Noble rust look and stands out so beautifully from the green areas and plants.
Playful Design you get with metal walls, in which fine and filigree motives were punched out. The punches create a fascinating play of light in the Sunshine.

Do you want to create a screen for the garden with stones?
Dry stone walls, gabions, concrete or natural stone-rock types are extremely versatile and create privacy in the garden.

With semi-high dry stone walls you create a beautiful contrast in the green. Stone walls are also extremely well suited to divide the garden into different small areas and can also be planted with flowers and plants for loosening up.
Gabions are also very popular-wire baskets filled with stones, which can be filled with a wide variety of stone types as desired. You can buy these pre-assembled in the hardware store.
A wall of burnt clay bricks, which are connected with mortar, provides a cosy and warm look. Due to its warm earth tones, it looks very natural and has an even, quiet appearance. The bricks can be laid either evenly or in a certain pattern.
A wall of sandstones not only provides a good visual protection in your garden, but also a quiet background for colourful flower beds and plantings.
Stone steles are also a popular privacy option. They consist of large stone slabs of granite, slate or Muschelkalk, which are placed side by side in different sizes and with small distances. So that this design does not look too bulky, we recommend steles, however, rather for large and extensive gardens, which are otherwise kept simple and modern.

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